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Boost employee capabilities and enhance business operations through our expert-led inhouse training program that promotes skill development and productivity increase.

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Sharing Vision’s In-House Training: Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs! We provide training solutions that are customized to your company’s specific conditions, problems, and needs. Each training program is developed with a goal to enhance your employees’ skills and knowledge, pushing your company to reach its full potential.

Available Training Programs

Procurement of Information Technology

This program brings you the latest updates on Information Technology procurement, IT procurement framework, and the IT procurement process through awareness, case studies, and procurement practices.

Information Technology Governance within Companies

This training helps participants grasp the concept of Information Technology governance, formulate governance according to applicable regulations, conduct self-assessment on governance maturity, as well as implement governance in compliance with regulations.

Capacity Planning within Companies

This training provides understanding and knowledge about IT capacity, potential issues that may arise, and effective planning steps to maintain optimal IT capacity.

Information System Audit within Companies

This program aims to understand the appropriate audit process to assess the relation between business and IT, determine the audit focus based on risk analysis, and execute effective sampling methods in the audit process.

Empowering Teams & Driving Success

Tap into the power of our cutting-edge in-house training solutions that focus on enriching capabilities while driving operational efficiency for sustained business growth.