Certified Hadoop Developer for Programmer (CHDP)

Solve Big Data Problems with Distributed Systems

Transform your coding career by mastering Apache Hadoop’s ability to process
large datasets across computer clusters.

Get to Know CHDP

This internationally recognized official certification is specifically designed for Big Data professionals who aim to master Hadoop and its ecosystem. The certification provides in-depth knowledge of Cloudera technology, Apache Spark, and other related Big Data tools.


This certification is designed for:

  • IT professionals looking to enhance their competence in the field of Big Data.
  • Developers interested in learning Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.
  • Technical teams aiming to optimize the use of Cloudera for analytics and machine learning.
  • Businesses seeking to harness the power of Big Data for strategic decision-making.


Experienced instructors will provide explanations and hands-on practice through personal computers.

Why Do Companies Need Certified Data Science Experts?

Becoming a Trusted Hadoop Expert

Mastering Hadoop and its ecosystem opens up limitless career opportunities in the field of Big Data. You will become a recognized expert in efficiently managing and analyzing data.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency

With Cloudera and Apache Spark knowledge, you can enhance the operational efficiency of your business, optimize data processing, and confidently tackle Big Data challenges.

Innovative Solutions for Your Business

The CHDP certification will enable you to develop innovative solutions supported by Big Data technology. You will be able to identify new opportunities, enhance decision-making, and achieve sustainable success.

Reap Benefits for Your Business


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