Certified IT Capacity Planning Expert (CICPE)

Strategic IT Resource Allocation for Growth

Learn the art of resource optimization through our certified training in IT capacity planning. Effectively determine the necessary IT resources to fulfill business requirements.

Get to Know CICPE

The Certified IT Capacity Planning Expert (CICPE) is the first certification program in Indonesia for experts in IT Capacity Planning. Obtain this certification and showcase your knowledge and skills in optimizing IT capacity management.


This certification is designed for:

  • IT staff or practitioners involved in IT capacity planning processes (IT operation/IT infrastructure and IT planning departments)
  • IT development managers
  • IT operation/IT infrastructure managers
  • IT staff or practitioners involved in IT procurement processes
  • Anyone interested in the field of IT performance & capacity


Benefits of Certified IT Capacity Planning Experts

Building IT Systems with Optimal Performance

With the assistance of certified IT Capacity Planning experts, you can determine the hardware, software, and infrastructure specifications required to support systems with excellent performance.

Efficient Resource Planning and Allocation

Our experts will assist your team in understanding the factors that impact IT services, reducing system disruptions, improving reliability, and aiding in proper resource planning and allocation.

Supporting Reliable IT Capacity Planning Processes

One critical point in Capacity Planning is engineer estimation. With expertise in IT Capacity Planning, our experts will assist in developing accurate engineer estimations, minimizing unnecessary risks and costs.

Obtain Benefits for Your Business


Competencies Acquired


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